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Quality Control

Quality is the prime responsibility of each individual in PROMPT DOCS LTD. Every individual in their respective area of work is trained to ensure the same. Training of individual is a continuous activity in PROMPT DOCS LTD. . Functions include right from receipt of Paper, Design, Production, Post Press Operations, Packaging & Delivery to Customers and all supportive functions such as Maintenance, Customer/Product Support functions such as Design & Data processing, etc.
Our laboratory is equipped with latest Quality Control testing equipments like

GSM Tester
Caliper Tester
Brightness and Opacity tester
PH & Conductivity tester
Density measuring
RDM Verifier for MICR instruments.

Hitech is secrete quality document producer for over 20 years and we are well versed with the Quality System. Right Quality Planning & Quality Management systems are in places to improve quality continuously.
The work forces of our printing netweork are fully committed to meet and exceed customer requirements with many problem solving techniques like Quality Circles , Juran methodology & Kaizen projects.
Keeping inline with our quality focus, since paper is very sensitive to weather conditions, we have humidity controlled environment in our factory to have a similar environment as in our customer place. Manufacturing areas are all well air conditioned. All finished products are sealed in weather resistance bags to maintain the required humidity levels.
Each consignment has to pass all test parameters including Pre-Dispatch Audits. Packaging Boxes conforms to Indian Institute of Packaging Parameters.
This willingness of ours to go that extra mile is on account of our belief that our customers satisfaction & loyalty are the key factors that keep us in business.

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